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'Wings of Dreams Education' a well established creative organisation to shape the career of students at every turn of  student's life. We are providing the best tutorials in Maharashtra as well as in Madhya Pradesh in various fields viz. School Entrance Exam, School & college Tuitions classes, Competitive Exams etc.

                 We have worked on, working on & will work on.... our words. That's our promise & your belief . It is belief of 100000+ students , 1.5k+ faculties, & many more hearts which makes us able to stand so far.  

              Wings Of Dreams Edu is spread over  4 cities in Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh and growing and developing day by day with belief of the parents and students.

                Wings Of Dreams Edu was established in 1986 under the guidance of 'Neeru siksha Prasar Samiti' by Mr. Dinesh Kumar Gupta(CSO) with his aim 'to live the dreams of aspirants'. That's why our slogan is 'We live your Dreams'  & your belief makes us to stand on it. There is no one yet who is dissatisfied with our academic and management. To fulfill your belief We 'KAIZEN' our services  Sothat we are standing over a far period of 34 years. 

               After a deep survey, We have come over a point that now-a-days, parents are worrying about school for their growing child which must become a core of his child's career, for that they invest a lot in different different way but at last many of them don't get satisfied because their child get nothing except a private & unsatisfying job. 

             For those parents, we are here to fulfill their dreams. We want to give you all a platform which will drive your child's career. For that assistance, We need your belief ,the same we ask always & standing till now with this belief. The secret of our empowerment is just because of two things ' KAIZEN our work & your belief'.

           Our Chairman, Mrs. Manjulata, says ," I don't want to make this organisation the BEST rather i want to make it BETTER than yesterday".

             We don't believe in highlighting the things we have done else we want to win your faith that you come with, to us. That is the best achievement for us & Our entire team stand ahead for that. 

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