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CBSE Board Rescheduled The Upcoming Board's Examination For Class 10th and 12th

CBSE Board Rescheduled The Upcoming Board's Examination For Class 10th and 12th

The examination months are approaching and at this time the most important thing is to keep yourself updated on the new exams related notifications along with your studies. You must be aware of the new changes made in the exam schedule and the patterns.

Here again, such a new amendment has been done in the schedule of the upcoming CBSE board examination of class 12th and 10th students.

The board exam for class 10th will be held from 4th May to 7th June and for class 12th, it will be held from 4th May to 14th June. Let us now one by one check out the important changes and dates of both the 10th and 12th board.

Revised Schedule for class 12th students

The class 12th students will get great relief in the gaps for especially in physics exams. The CBSE board exam will begin from 4th May to 14th of June

For students of the science stream, there are two changes made in the schedule. The first change is done for the Physics exam which was going to be held on the 13th of May is now scheduled for June 8. The second change is done in the Mathematics and Applied Mathematics which was going to be held on 8 June is now postponed to 31st May.

For students of the Commerce stream, there is only one change made and that is for mathematics and applied mathematics which will be conducted on the 31st of May. These are the students who have maths as their optional.

For the Arts stream students, there is one change observed and that is for the Geography paper. It was previously scheduled for 2 June and now is postponed to 3 June.

Revised Schedule for Class 10th students

The Exam for class 10th students will be conducted from 4th May to 7th of June. For the class 10th board students, there are only two major changes that have been made and that is for the subjects mathematics and science.

The exam for science was previously scheduled for the 15th of May and now has been postponed to the 21st of May. Next, the mathematics exam was scheduled for the 21st of May but now it will be conducted on the 2nd of June.

Apart from these changes made in the schedule, the timing of exams remains the same. The exams will be conducted from 10.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. The students must report to the exam center before 10 since the answer books are distributed from 10 to 10.15.

So, these were the important changes made by the CBSE board in the upcoming board examination. Students must note all these important dates and prepare for their exams accordingly.

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